Service Opportunities

What service opportunities are available?

Get involved! There are a variety of service opportunities available for members and groups within the Committee, guest speaker opportunities at rehab centres and volunteering time at the Melbourne 12 Step Office. The first step is to come along to an Inner City District Meeting.

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Committee positions:

There are many committee positions that are available for GSR’s to get involved with on top of their GSR service if they wish. These Include:

District Committee Member – Nanna
Alt-DCM – Shane
Secretary – Amanda
Treasurer – Luke
Public Information Coordinator – Alex C
Public Information Literature Coordinator – Alan B
Rehab Coordinator – Alan B

These positions rotate on a biennial basis and several will rotate in December each year. As always, service opportunities are not just limited to committee positions, as Inner City District is always looking to involve as many members as possible to carry the message in a variety of ways, so please don’t hesitate to come along and get involved.

Rehab/Detox Service opportunities:

The ICD Rehabilitation Coordinator Alan B has been working hard to establish a comprehensive list of rehabs/detoxes/alcoholic lifelines to offer support to and every member that can offer some service by filling out the new form can potentially make a big impact for the alcoholic that is still suffering.

If you want to reach out to Alan, please email at